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Wednesday, October 18, 2006  

Version 0.3.0 released

Finally, the third public release of ParaJVE is now available for download.

This release comes with additional homebrew game roms, and now embeds an HTML documentation for each game ; but it does not include any new (brighter) overlay yet, since I did not have the time to work on that.

Anyway, as said previously, the big feature of this version is the sound emulation. Although I've just noticed a slight bug today (some kind of high-frequency parasite in Scramble), the emulation is still good enough.

As it stands, the audio rendering is hooked on the emulation's framerate (that's why it plays too fast). This explains why the sound will sometime appear distorted on slow machines, or when performing simultaneous tasks (navigating through the emulator's menu, for instance). Clearly, any background process using a fair part of the CPU is likely to completely ruin the sound effects. Other than that, for the average gaming session, the audio experience should be alright.

At the time, there are only three packaging available : one for Windows, and two for Linux (i586 generic & AMD64 specific). I'll try to build one for the Mac platform in the next few days.
Speaking of this OS, I'd really like to thank "GrandGibus" on the forums for his invaluable help and tests regarding Mac OS X packaging. Cheers Fred! :)

I hope you enjoy this release, and as usual, feel free to drop a line if you have any suggestion and/or bug report!

Breaking News :
It appears that the sound does not work as expected on some linux platforms.
My bad, I had not checked the audio on my linux box yet... I'll investigate this problem as soon as possible.



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