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Thursday, October 22, 2009  

Beta-testing has started...

A quick post to let you know that the beta version has been uploaded, and is now available for users that applied for beta-testing (download site).

If you want to help with the testing, it's never too late : send me an email with your name & surname at, and I'll provide you with a beta key ASAP. 

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  • My neighbour friend owns a Vectrex since 83
    and i wasted ours playing Scramble, FoN and MS.

    Your latest beta is a milestone!
    It looks awesome real, no matter if crt or tft.
    (Played on Eye-Q 777 22" diamondtron cad-tube
    and HP w2408h tft, turned vertical, too.)

    The massive expanded options allow anything
    you ever dreamed of.
    I´ll tell no details to not spoil the official
    release, except you´l love it.

    Outstanding work, Parabellum!

    Cheers from germany, from
    "Hans A. Plast" (Martin Pohen)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/28/2009 8:44 PM  

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