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Thursday, January 11, 2007  

Version 0.4.0 released

I've just finished uploading the latest release, so you can now jump to the download site, and grab your version! :)

Most of the additions were already listed in the previous posts, so let's just review them quickly...

First come the major changes and additions:

  • Updated the JOGL library embedded within ParaJVE, in order to make the emulator work with the latest 1.5 java runtime (update 10).

  • Alex of kindly allowed me to add one of his game, Star Sling 4K (Turbo Edition), within the distribution. This game, coded in 2006, features a mode with two simultaneous players, and makes a perfect use of the analog joysticks, in as few as 4 kilobytes ... so don't miss it! And by the way, if you like cool homebrew Vectrex productions, then by all means, be sure to check out Vectorzoa's site.

    A small reminder about analog mode within ParaJVE : to enter analog mode, simply double click the game area with the left mouse button (click the button again to exit this mode).

  • I completely rewrote the way the game ports are handled. You can now plug and unplug different peripherals into both game ports (through a special menu). For now, the only available peripherals are the Joystick and the Keyboard Adapter (see next point), but more devices should be implemented as the versions come out...

  • Added emulation of a new peripheral : the PS/2 Keyboard Adapter. This new device, realised in 2006 by Richard Hutchinson, let you connect any PS/2 keyboard to the Vectrex! Since it's a brand new hardware, there is not any application making use of it yet, but ParaJVE is now ready for the developers who want to have a go at it (don't forget to set it up through the "Key Mapping" menu). If you're interested, you can find more information in this discussion.

  • Implemented direct DAC write to Sound Resistive Network (as described in this post), to complete sound emulation.
And finally, this release comes with a few minor fixes:

  • Implemented VIA6522 SR Mode 101.
  • Fixed a regression introduced in 0.3.2 where the command line argument -GAME=xxx was not handled correctly.
I hope you'll have fun with this version!



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