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Thursday, January 04, 2007  

Broken with Java 5.0 update 10

Right, the holidays are now over, and it's time get back to vectrex emulation coding (a task I completely put on hold during the past 3 weeks - hence no progress).

Well, 2007 starts with a bug report from Samuel - thanks for the report, dude! :)

The emulator window would not open once the game has been chose and the selector dialog has been validated by clicking the "Run Game" button. For the technically inclined, the log file in data/temp is also filled with an exception stack explaining the problem...

After a few investigation, it appears that this problem is due to an incompatibility between JOGL (the OpenGL library) and the latest java 5.0 update 10 (that was released about a month or two earlier). If you're interested, you can find more about the issue in this thread at the javagaming forum.

Long story short, ParaJVE + Java 5.0 update 10 = NO GOOD

I'll try and correct this problem with either a new library or a code fix (this should give me the incentive to build a new release by the way), but till then, I see only two options for you to keep ParaJVE running:

  • Either you stick (or get back) to an update 9, or earlier - An official Java 5.0 update 9 download is still available at Sun's website,

  • Alternatively, You could download and install the brand new Java 6.0 runtime. ParaJVE has been tested with this JRE, and apparently it works correctly. Should you want to grab the latest JRE, here's a link to Sun's main download page.
Stay tuned, and Happy New Year! :)



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