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Tuesday, July 25, 2006  

Shades of gray...

And how annoying they are...
I needed to get rid of this B&W screen, it had become a question of sanity :)

So I decided to go for a break with the AY-3-8192 (sound) emulation, and get back to the graphics code for a while.

After playing a bit with OpenGL (switching to the JSR-231 version of JOGL in the process) and overlay pictures, some basic overlay implementation brought colors to the screen.

Of course, the rendering still needs a lot of tweaking, but for what I've spent on it I'm rather satisfied with the result, and wanted to share some snapshots :

Another fun idea made its way while I was using OpenGL : it might be worth a try to use shader effects to render the vectrex screen's persistence and brightness. As I have no experience whith shaders in OpenGL, it would be a nice background task while learning how they work...



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