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Wednesday, March 28, 2007  

Joysticks & Gamepads calibration

The panel dealing with the controller tests and calibration settings is now nearly completed, so here is a brief description... This dialog is made of 3 main parts :

  • The Tests component (the joystick picture at the top).

    It lets you check your settings in real-time. Pressing a button on your physical controller will highlight the associated button in the picture. Also, the joystick axis marker will follow the movements of your stick.

  • The Analog Response Tab

    Here you can tweak the response of your joystick's analog position, by editing the mapped axes curve.

    It is embodied using a Catmull-Rom curve (a kind of cubic spline) whose control points can be dragged around with the mouse.
    The X coordinate is the raw value (as polled from the physical device), whereas the Y coordinate represents the mapped value (the final value used by the emulator).

    Also, two grids display both values, in real time.

  • The Sensitivity Tab

    This part is not implemented yet (this will be a rather trivial & fast job). It will eventually let you adjust the sensitivity of the mapped axes (through 2 sliders), ONLY if they work in relative mode.

    Relative mode components, unlike absolute analog components, provide an input that represents a distance from its previous position (If the device never moves, it will always return 0). For instance, a mouse or a trackball are relative devices, while gamepads have absolute axes.
Well, excepting for the sensitivity bit, everything else is fully functional : calibration settings loading/saving, connected devices selection, as well as controllers menus and configuration dialogs...

It all means the release date gets even closer now! :D 



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