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Thursday, August 24, 2006  

Back to work

oh joy!  ;)

Nothing changed much during these last weeks. The only fact of interest is that I finally installed Ubuntu (English / French homepages) in order to ensure that ParaJVE runs correctly under a linux system. After a few tests, the emulator seems to behave as expected with this OS, so far so good...

With the experimental overlays system working down the line, it would be a good idea to release a new version soon. That's why I'll freeze any emulation task from now on, until a proper configuration system is completed (the first release's configuration was written in a rush - and it shows).

So, the next steps are :
  • write a configuration framework that can load/save an xml config file (roms definitions, overlays settings and keymapping)
  • Implement a basic GUI for the configuration, to allow the user to easily manage the settings
  • Rewrite a clean GUI for the emulator (to get rid of the useless/debug buttons that were included in the earlier preview)
With all the stuff set aside during the holiday, don't expect a release too soon. I wouldn't bet on a version before one or two weeks...

By the way, any waiting email left with no answer so far will be replied as soon as possible.